How to Play Vainglory: Awesome PC Game Features

Vainglory is packed with awesome content and features that will drive the future of MOBA games to perfection. Its main gameplay is centered on destroying the opposing Vain Crystals safely tucked in each team’s bases. It’s the standard objective for any popular MOBA game but with a few twists. Find out what the immersive title has in-stored for players worldwide.


Action-Packed, No-Compromise MOBA Action

Welcome to the Halcyon Fold! The home of the Halcyon Well. The ancient, and ultimate energy source for technology and magic. As one of the summoned heroes, your task is to secure the powerful well for your team. You and four others will clash on the battlefield against an opposing force.

You must destroy the enemy team’s Vain Crystal to claim glory! Nothing is sacred in war as you can use any means at your disposal to achieve victory! Stock up on powerful items and equipment from the Jungle Shop to overpower your enemies! You can also control mines to power up your minions and push against their base! There’s no room for compromise, it’s winner-take-all in the Fold! To the victor goes the spoils!


Collect Powerful Heroes with Amazing Skins

Choose from a huge selection of 56 mighty heroes in the Vainglory roster! Each has its own devastating skill sets that can turn the tide of any battle! Every warrior chosen to fight in the Halcyon Fold has respective roles to fulfill. The game has a total of five playstyles gamers can choose from. You can kill from the shadows as an assassin or defend your hold as a Protector! Decide on who you want to be before you dive into the fray!


Then, customize your champion by dressing them up in awesome skins! If you’re aiming for the top, might as well do it with style! But remember, you can’t win the fight alone. Strategize with your fellow heroes, and fill in each other’s weakness by creating a balanced 5-man team. Synchronize your skills to fully annihilate your opponents! The only way to win is to charge as a united front!


Level Up The Gameplay Experience on PC

Double down on the immersive gameplay by downloading the Vainglory on PC! Unlock access to 60fps ultra high definition graphics powered by E.V.I.L engine! Then you can smoothen your combat gameplay by turning on the key customization controls! Map the controls the way you see fit using the keyboard and mouse!

Things don’t have to be complicated either. To play the game on PC, just hit that “Play For Free” button on the page. Follow the installation instructions, and you’re good to go! To customize the keybinds just press F1 in-game to bring out the feature! So put your strategy and MOBA skills to the test! Join the fight for the Halcyon Well in Vainglory now!