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Vainglory: Beginner’s Tips On The Halcyon Fold

Vainglory is an uncompromising MOBA game that relies heavily on field strategies and teamwork. You can’t just venture on your own and expect to win every single battle. Your teammates are there to fill your weakness, and so are you. But simply choosing your hero role and wreaking havoc on the battlefield isn’t enough. You must acquire the basic knowledge and fulfill certain responsibilities so you’ll never stray from the path of victory.


Fulfill Your Lane Responsibilities

The Halcyon Fold map is composed of three lanes. Each lane is threaded by minions that aim to destroy enemy turrets up to the Vain crystal. As the champions of your team, you must fill these lanes with at least one DPS hero as both an offensive and defensive measure. Most of your early-stage fights will happen on your respective lanes against an opposing hero.

Keep in mind that defeating minions on your lane also earns you gold and experience. You must always try to hit the minions last so the gains are higher. You’d also take into consideration that each lane benefits a certain hero role– which we’ll dive into a bit later.


Strategy is The Key To Absolute Victory

You can buy equipment to make your heroes more powerful. Keep in mind, however, that mindlessly buying random gears isn’t going to benefit you much at all. It’s most likely a waste of money. You must figure out which item goes well with your chosen champion. Pick the gears that both give you great bonuses, and skills that offer synergy to the ones you have.


One of the few things that separate Vainglory from other MOBA games is fulfilling the Mine objective. You have the option to control mines that are scattered all over the map. Doing so powers up your minions, making the push to your enemy base easier. Be careful though, as your enemies can conquer them too. So you must work up a strategy that will let you control the entire field.


Stick To Your Hero Role Until The End

Lastly, you must be responsible enough to fulfill your hero role to the end. Creating a well-balanced team is one of the basic keys to victory on the Halcyon Fold. You must have a composition of a Top Laner, a Bottom Laner, a Jungler, a Mid Laner, and a Captain. This is on top of the specific hero roles your champions are locked in.

The top lane is best for heroes that are already tough during the early stages of late-game heroes, and they use the nearby buff to strengthen them during early-game. Once they’ve collected enough exp and gear, they can unleash devastation on the battlefield– sealing victory once and for all.

It’s necessary to stick to the role you’ve been assigned to– or chosen upon selecting your hero before the match. Staying true to your duty can lead you to glory while straying from the path can spell doom for your party. Keep these tips in mind when you enter the Halcyon Fold, and remember, Vainglory is best played on the PC. It gives you access to better control and graphics. Try it for yourself– just hit that “Play for Free” button.