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Vainglory: The Basic Guide On Hero Playstyles

Vainglory is a comprehensive multiplayer online battle arena game that focuses on proper team play and strategy during a match. Each hero on the Halcyon Fold must fulfill certain roles to gain an advantage to victory.

To achieve well-balanced teamwork during a battle, the game accommodates five unique playstyles. As a player, you’re responsible to choose the hero that matches your style and fill in the gap your team lacks. So before you select a champion, let’s list down those playstyles so we can figure out where you can fit in.


The Deadly Assassin Against The Formidable Warrior

The assassin and warrior are both powerful melee DPS classes. They can dish out heavy damage against single targets and are capable of taking them on in a one-on-one fight. The difference between the warrior and the assassin is the prior is more inclined to duel. They prefer to be in the thick of the fight– often employing mighty attack skills. The latter on the other hand prefers to hide in the shadows. They are dextrous heroes and masters of stealth. They will ambush unsuspecting enemies, and strike them at their weakest.

Assassins are best for players who prefer to gank their targets or remain unseen until the time is right. Warriors, however, fit those who prefer head-on collisions.


The Devastating Mage Versus the Sharpshooting Sniper

Striking enemies from afar, the Mages and Snipers of Vainglory are formidable classes that employ long-range attacks. They are both vulnerable at melee range but that is if you can get close enough. Mages employ powerful magical attacks that deal area-of-effect damages or weaken them with debuffs. They are irreplaceable additions to a team, especially during five-on-five clashes.
Snipers on the other hand are capable of taking single enemies from great distances. Their attack damage can match that of a warrior’s but never the toughness. Like the assassin, snipers can remain out of sight, and take out an enemy with a single shot. They are also great for finishing off fleeing targets.


The Almighty, Indomitable Protector

Last, but not least is the mighty Protector. They are the toughest hero class in the roster– often having the highest HP and defensive abilities. Their job is to protect their allies on the field by soaking up enemy damage or disrupting their formation during a clash. A good Protector is capable of leading their team to victory on top of keeping them safe. This class is perfect for those who prefer to support their allies than finish off enemies.

So there you have it. Those are the five hero play-styles in Vainglory. Choose the hero that matches your skills and join the fight on the Halcyon Fold! You can also bring the action-packed MOBA game to your PC by clicking that “Play For Free” button. And like the phrase, you won’t have to pay a single penny.